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It is so important for us to be in our students' lives – tangibly providing, caring, and loving them … being family and pointing them to Christ! 


We recently saw another way we can show our students that we’re here and we care for them by providing our young moms with a New Mom Basket. 


So many of the young moms we interact with feel alone and scared, and they often don’t have even the most basic items to care for their babies. 


You can be that person to help our young moms know that someone is there, sees them, and wants to care for them by generously donating to provide a new mom basket. 


These New Mom Baskets include items like: 

  • Baby soap

  • Lotion

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Onesies

  • Socks

  • Bottles and bottle cleaners

  • Mittens

  • A notebook

  • And more! 


A gift of just $30 will go a long way in providing these baskets to our new young moms! 


And you’ll be part of seeing real lives impacted by a community of people becoming family to students, showing up and caring for them, providing for their needs, and showing them the love they deserve!

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