Together Celebrating Michelle’s 10 Year Anniversary with First Glance!

We are so excited to celebrate with Michelle Wiesen and her 10 years at First Glance! I am so proud of her, love her unconditionally, and am blown away at the front row seat we get to have at how God has shaped her and used her over the years.

Over the past 10 years Michelle was a student, a volunteer, then was on staff, she ran our student leader program and now helps in The Connect. Michelle even got married in our building!

We are family and her story here at First Glance shows that so clearly. I am honored to share with you a post she wrote about her 10 year anniversary…


Post written by Michelle Wiesen:

It has officially been 10 YEARS since I stepped foot into First Glance. To some, it may not seem like too big of a deal.... But to me it's a HUGE deal! Nickolas has grown up going to First Glance and knows on Tuesdays that we go to "teen mom's" I first came to First Glance at 17 years old 2 months pregnant with my son Nickolas! Through the teen mom's program I was loved and mentored by so many leaders who poured their lives into so many young mother's.

Alicia Ley and her husband Jacob introduced me to church and through that connection I became heavily involved in the college ministry Campus Focus at The Chapel. That is where I accepted Christ, found an amazing community of friends and changed my life.

Through First Glance I have bonded and built relationships that I cherish today. I went from being a student in the teen mom's program to being a volunteer and leader, to coming on staff and leading the student leaders program to coming alongside Stacy Branch-Boyd and many other leaders to evolve the teen mom's program into The Connect!

So many things have happened because of Jesus working through the hands and feet of First Glance. I ABSOLUTELY 100% would not be where I am today if I would've never gone there. If I would've never become pregnant as a teen. It's crazy how God works and weaves many intricate details through many things.

Because I became a young mom, I was introduced to this ministry, because I went consistently, I developed relationships and was mentored by leaders. Because of those relationships I was introduced to the church. Because I was introduced to the church I felt the love of an accepting community of believers and became a believer myself. Because I came on staff at First Glance, I met my husband. Because of First Glance.

I am who I am today. I have never in my life had something so consistent in my life like First Glance. I've never been involved in anything as long as I have at First Glance. Not even grade school.

First Glance has been the constant in my life, and the people there are family. I am so passionate about First Glance and the power and patience Jesus gave the leaders there to pour into me, believe in me and watch me grow over the last decade into the woman, mother and wife I am today!

Thank you Jesus for First Glance!

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