The Power of Being Their #1 Fan

My good friend Melanie has told me since college that she is my #1 fan. It still makes me smile more than fifteen years later and as a grown woman when she tells me. And, yes, she still does. The reason Melanie felt she needed to claim the #1 spot is because there are other people rooting for me as well. What a blessing that is, to have people who love and care and encourage me.

Part of the reason I run First Glance is because I have come across countless teens who don’t have a #1 fan. Actually many don’t have anyone rooting for them. This is often what our 90 volunteers do. They love every individual as they walk through the door and become their cheerleader, even when they don’t know they need one or are too cool to admit they do.

The truth is these students are amazing and have so much to offer this world that surrounds them, but they don’t see it. They need someone to show them how amazing they can be, how amazing God has created them to be!

I love this video because it clearly articulates what we try to do at First Glance: to be a constant in their lives, loving them over a long period of time. Please note this isn’t a First Glance video in any way. It’s just one that we use to challenge and encourage our volunteers to love the teens unconditionally. Please take the 15 minutes to listen to this video!

P.s. Visit to get involved and learn how it doesn't take much for you to have a significant impact with our students!

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