Creating a Space

"Every Thursday night we open our doors for Rec Night. As the leader of Rec Night, its been truly amazing to see how simply creating a space for teens to interact and hang out with our volunteers can have a huge impact in their lives...

I have seen first-hand how just one small action or conversation at Rec Night can lead to a hundred more opportunities to have real and intentional relationships with our students. Seriously... I can count on my fingers and toes how many times just one game of pool with a student has led to a hang-out at a coffee shop, a trip to the bowling alley or even an invite to church. Let the girls paint your toenails and all of a sudden you're the coolest cat around (I found this out the hard way). Throw a dance party and watch every awkward barrier in the room crumble under our volunteer's hilarious attempts to 'Ju Ju on that Beat'.

My friendship with two students in particular has grown very quickly simply because I was willing to be featured in their Instagram 'dancing videos' which I recorded and DJ'd for on the loud speakers. Did I know what I was doing? Nope. But now they want to come to church with me and become friends. That to me is worth every second of trying to muster up the very little amount of rhythm that I possess.

What might seem silly and small on our end really is HUGE to our students. It really doesn't take much to impact the lives of our students, teach them how valuable they are and show them how loved they are by a very good God."

- Bryce Rings, Urban Learner - Rec Night

It doesn't take much for you to have a significant impact as well.

Visit to learn more & get involved!

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