Exciting Opportunities!

A New & Incredible Opportunity

This fall we have a unique opportunity because Kenmore and Garfield Middle & High Schools are merging. This merger means we will potentially reach 130% more students than this past year. We are thrilled for this opportunity to know, care for and point even more students toward Jesus! What a privilege! What an opportunity! We also are staying true to our values of sincerely caring for each individual, therefore we realize our resources are going to need to expand. We will need more volunteers, finances and prayer to expand our reach! So please be watching for opportunities to be involved. ~ Noelle Beck, Executive Director


Why We Show Up At First Glance the important work of building relationships is done every single day by our volunteers & staff. The reality for many of our students is that, outside of First Glance, they may not have people in their lives to encourage them, love them, and show them the way forward. That’s why we consistently show up for our students. We know that they are unique and incredible individuals. We want them to know and experience that for themselves. As two schools merge this fall and as we raise the funds & resources necessary to come alongside even more students through each program, it’s important to remember that each of us play a vital role in the lives of the students at First Glance. It doesn’t matter if the contribution is big or small, time or money, you make a life-changing impact when you engage with our mission. You may not feel like you have much to give, or you may feel so overwhelmed by the difficult situations many of our students face. However, if you’ve ever been able to relate to the impact that someone believing in you can have, you have everything our students need. You have the ability to show up for them and let them know how important they are, simply by being in their lives and engaging with them. You’ll be hearing from us in the coming months about what makes First Glance & our students unique, and we hope it will inspire you to join us. ~ Corey Easterday, Donor Development Coordinator


The Connections are Real​​

I think First Glance is not an average youth center because the leaders don't have to do this,

they do it because they truly want to! The connections are real and they go out of their way to make sure people are happy & safe. They use their own resources to provide for their students. Personally, I don't know what I would do without the leaders here at First Glance. ~ Arora, First Glance Student


Loving Students As They Are

What makes First Glance stand out is the emphasis that is placed on loving the the teens right where they are regardless if they ever change or not. This statement seems so pious and blissful until the teens walk through the door!

For some teens the term right where they are can mean they are withdrawn, depressed, struggling in school or difficult to get to know. Week after week we are encouraged to love the teens like family, understanding that deep inside them is a beautiful heart created by God - a heart that is longing to have fellowship with Him and know the love He has for them.

~ Jennifer, First Glance Volunteer


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