The Almost Leader Program

The vision of Almost Leaders is that former students become future program leaders. We hope to complete this vision by meeting with the Almost Leaders twice a month, teaching them about leadership and having them put that knowledge to use while volunteering at programs such as Rec Night, Ladies Night Out and Man Up. Typically these former students have been impacted by adult volunteers during their time at First Glance. This gives them a strong desire to give back as a volunteer program leader themselves. During the Almost Leaders program each person has a hope of gaining the necessary skills to work with current students as a green shirt leader. If you would, please pray for Noelle and I to make good decisions on where to take this program. Pray for the former students that are interested and involved with the program to become great leaders, both at First Glance and in their communities. We continue to seek that this program acts out God's will and not our will.

#UrbanLearner #FGProgram

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