Executive Director

Jessica Swiger

Jessica loves a good cup of coffee, playing pranks on co-workers, and singing the happy birthday song.


330.848.9685 ext. 117

Business Director

Kasey Parmelee

Kasey loves crunching numbers but also prides himself on the amount of fresh sawdust in his wood shop.


330.848.9685 ext. 152

The Connect Coordinator

Stacy Boyd

Stacy loves Jesus, family, long hugs, coffee and all the stationary things!


330.848.9685 ext. 114

Skate Park Coordinator

Josh Vince

Josh likes God, nature activities, skateboarding, Star Wars and all things cat related.


330.848.9685 ext. 157

Launch Kenmore Coordinator

Danae Labocki

Danae loves a good white mocha, anything competitive, spending time with middle and high schoolers, being at the beach, and could live in warm weather year-round.



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Noelle Beck

Noelle loves frothy coffee, jeeps with no doors, bike riding adventures, and has full intentions of wearing converse until she’s 80.


330.848.9685 ext.112

Administrative Assistant

Michelle Gregory

Michelle loves being outdoors, travel, good coffee, the color orange and musicals.  She has four "children" and three grandchildren who are perfect.  No really they are.


330.848.9685 ext. 116

Grant Writer

​Nanci Miller

Nanci loves God, her husband, and being pack leader to seven special needs “senior citizen” dogs.


330.848.9685 ext.115

Tiny Glancer Coordinator

Angela Mendise

Angela loves hikes and movie nights with her family. She lives in her own time zone and never met a dessert she didn't like.


330.848.9685 ext. 153

Maintenance & Skate Park

Tim Pryor 

Known as security35 in the virtual world, Tim loves fishing and spending time outdoors when he is in the real world.


330.848.9685 ext. 157

Chad Crawford

Chad loves English Breakfast tea, being with family and friends, running outside, and being a BBQ Master. 



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First Glance Board of Trustees


   President : Andre Thornton Jr

   Vice President: Michelle Highsmith

   Treasurer: Kelly Hawkins

   Secretary:  Derek Williams


   Danielle Bentley

   Pam Collica

   Tami Valvo

   Ronald (Chip) Weisel

   Benjamin White

   Courtney Yanda

Office Hours: 

Monday 9:00-3:00

Tuesday 9:00-3:00

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 9:00-3:00

Friday 9:00-3:00

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Contact Us:


943 Kenmore Blvd 

Akron, OH  44314

We exist to connect students and their communities to Christ and the church through real, loving, and non-threatening avenues.