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Our students love — and crave — home-cooked meals. It’s something some of them don’t often get. It’s more than the food — they crave the comfort and love that come with it!

This is what you can provide today with your generous gift to First Glance. Good food makes an enormous difference in our ability to let students know we care — that God cares.  All of our programs offer a meal.. to name a few..


  1. At Ladies’ Night Out, we love treating the girls to meals they’ll remember.

  2. In The Connect, we provide quality meals and take-home groceries to our teen moms.

  3. In Launch Kenmore, we are constantly hosting activities that require supplies and food.

  4. In Tiny Glancers’ boot camp — a program that gets children ready for kindergarten so they aren’t behind — we provide snacks, beverages, and more … to help us teach and to help the kids learn. 

Your gift today will help us keep providing meals to our students … and God’s love will be served up along with it! Thank you for helping make all this possible. Your generosity makes such a difference in pointing young people to Christ and the Church! 

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