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From little kids to teens and young adults, First Glance staff and volunteers become family to our students. We love engaging them and caring for them to ultimately connect them to Christ and the church!


As we get closer to the end of one year and running full speed into the next, please join us in meeting needs, providing programming, and giving hope to even more students in Kenmore and Greater Akron.


We’re expanding our Launch Kenmore effort and will officially start partnering with a second elementary school soon. Kids come to us for academic support, physical fun, and spiritual direction.


And to do this for more children — continue all our programs to students in our communities — finish this year strong — and launch 2022 on solid footing, please give generously to First Glance by midnight December 31.


Your year-end gift will connect us with students and their families and let them know there’s a God who really cares about them, who sees their pain, who is truly with them in every struggle, and loves them no matter what. Thank you!

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