monthly givers are advocates



We're raising up advocates like never before! 

In 2019, we're praying and asking for:

20 people for $25 a month             5 so far

30 people for $50 a month             7 so far

40 people for $75 a month             1 so far

50 people for $100 a month         18 so far

$5, $11, $21 or any amount will help! 

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You've heard a million fundraising pleas.  What makes First Glance worth giving to regularly?  Our students do.  They need and deserve consistency.  When you give monthly you're an advocate, because you're supporting them continually, and it allows First Glance to invest more time and resources in our students, and less in fundraising efforts!

Want to give monthly checks?  Mail to 943 Kenmore Blvd. Akron, OH 44314. Write "monthly" on the memo.

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