Terms and conditions explained.

The fine print:

No more than one trade will be made each day.  Each day of the event at 1pm a trade offer will be accepted and the owner of the item contacted.  From the time your trade is accepted you have one (1) hour to arrange drop off of your item.  If after one (1) hour no arrangements have been made for First Glance to receive the item, First Glance reserves the right to cancel the trade and move on to the next viable trade, with or without confirmation from initial trader.  Items must be dropped off at First Glance (943 Kenmore Blvd, Akron, OH 44314) no later than 1pm on the next calendar day after acceptance, as arranged by a First Glance representative.  If the item is not received by 1pm First Glance reserves the right to cancel the trade offer and move on to another trade with or without confirmation from initial trader.  Subsequently as each trade is completed a new item will be offered each day at 3pm.  If, at the discretion of First Glance, no viable trades are offered in a single day, First Glance may wait until a viable trade is offered or end the event. 


First Glance makes no offer of picking up items offered for trade.  It is the responsibility of the donor to arrange transportation, including but not limited to available manpower or required machinery to move items.  If at First Glance’s discretion help is offered, trader agrees to hold First Glance and it’s representatives harmless if damage occurs.


If you desire to donate items not accepted for trade, whether received or offered during the fundraiser, please contact First Glance Business Director Kasey Parmelee at kasey@firstglance.org, (330)848-9685 ext 152 to discuss possibilities.  Due to limited storage First Glance reserves the right to deny any and all donations. First Glance also reserves the right to use, sell or donate any donated items according to how it sees fit. 


Appropriate tax paperwork will be issued to everyone who donates items.  For those that donate items and do not receive a subsequent item, a single in-kind donation form will be mailed to provided address.  For those that receive an item in trade a worksheet will accompany appropriate tax documents to assist in determining the final value that can be claimed as a tax deduction.  First Glance makes no claims to specific values of donated items; it is the responsibility of the individual to determine the fair market value (FMV) of each item.  First Glance also makes no claims to tax expertise and encourages all individuals to consult a tax professional before trading if a tax deduction is desired.  For additional assistance please review IRS Publication 526 regarding charitable donations.

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